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Much of SONIA’s narrative is told with a unique visual language – a kind of photomontage – inspired by Sonia’s posters and one of her collages, and by the style that characterized much of the art of the Russian Avant-garde. Its wit seems a natural extension of Sonia’s own.

Jared Dubrino, a motion graphics editor, brings these period photos and images to life in imaginative sequences that play out the chapters in Sonia’s life. George Griffin provided animation for a number of key scenes. The artist Matthew Lutz-Kinoy made additional drawings and collages to illustrate many of the stories.

Todd Sines, creative director of + SCALE, designed and animated three sets of fonts especially for this film, with the help of his assistants Andries Boekelman, Charles Noel and Sheal. The Design of the fonts are all based on Cyrillic lettering from the three historic Russian periods which this film encompasses: pre-Revolutionary (1905-1916), Revolutionary (1917-1938) and post-Revolutionary (1940-1963). Each letter was animated, and they dance across the screen over fragments of paper from Sonia’s memoirs.

Collage by Mathew Lutz-Kinoy: Sonia marrying her first husband, the anarchist Rosenfeld.

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